With a commitment to quality, integrity and open communication we are passionate about technology. We focus on relationships and creative, out of the box solutions.

Owner, Kirk (O’Connor) VonMutius is obsessed with technology and often called Captain (get it Captain Kirk?) which suits him as he leads by example, empowering his team and only stepping in to help address a crisis. He can spot a dead pixel 100 yards away and struggles to sit through productions without mentally critiquing the lighting and sound quality.

Kirk began his career in production tech as a 13 year old volunteering with the technology in his megachurch. Over the past 25+ years he has worked in many large scale churches, for Fortune 500 Companies and major theme parks. As a freelancer he’s worked a wide array of events ranging from corporate to sports to concerts as well as churches and clubs. 

Our team is all about proactive, creative solutions and we love working with companies and events that have a clear mission. 

Kirk VonMutius
Head Wizard in Charge
Owner and Tech Genius

Sunni VonMutius
Mistress of Everything
Admin and Operations

Nugget VonMutius
Chaos Theory Expert
Entertainment and Motivation